A Message of Hope

When I moved to the Albany, NY area in the Spring of 2007, I created a profile on a number of social networking sites as a springboard to building a new life and meeting new people in my new hometown. In the beginning I had the typical information describing me as a person who valued “a, b, and c” and enjoyed the company of people who where “x, y, and z.”

During that first summer, I wrote something that I still have a hard time classifying: an essay? a short story?

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It’s the Budget, Silly.

If you’ve read any of the stuff I’ve written before I started blogging, you might know that my one hot-button political topic is fiscal responsibility. A coworker of mine said something to me today that, to me, demonstrates a either a misunderstanding, or a lack of knowledge regarding financial matters. While this statement had been made a few times in the past, today my brain made the connection with the political arena.

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Are You a “Bloc”-Head?

Charlie Brown rolling his eyes.

The most famous "blockhead"

If you’re anything like me, you grew up reading the Sunday comics which invariably started with the “Peanuts” strip by Charles Shultz. You likely remember the number of times Lucy called Charlie Brown a “blockhead” in one amusing situation or another.

If the title wasn’t obvious enough this post isn’t really about analyzing the Sunday Comics. However, when I started to write this, with the title already in mind, I had no idea how appropriate some of the iconic imagery and concepts featuring America’s favorite “blockhead” would be.

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Healthcare Reform in the US

When it comes to Healthcare in the United States, I believe the argument has less to do with the quality of care than it has to do with how to pay for it. If you truly want to compare the quality of care, you need to look at hospital survival rates, not life expectancy. Countries, such as Great Britain have a higher life expectancy because they don’t have the same level of gang and gun violence that we have in the States. These young deaths quickly hack away at life expectancy.

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In the Beginning…

I am a technology nut: I’ve literally spent my entire life around computers, having learned to read at the age of 4 operating a Commodore 64. Or so the story goes from my mother. Yet, I seem to be slow in adopting trends. I didn’t even bother to activate texting on my smartphone until about three years ago. I figured: it’s a cell phone; you pay for the freedom to call and talk at any time. What’s the point? Yes, I’ve learned the error of my ways.

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